Follow a website and get updates by email.
Keep track of what websites users try to add without a rss feed so I can investigate if there is a way to detect changes on those websites #rssmailer
Pro: Make option to send feed in separate email #rssmailer
Email people who have more than 5 feeds #rssmailer to ask to upgrade
Add error message when site does not contain a rss feed #rssmailer
group posts from the same site different #rssmailer
cache feeds for one day in redis #rssmailer
Pro: #rssmailer filter news with keywords per feed
#rssmailer publish subscriptions per user
Pro: Add colors to feed to easily recognize them #rssmailer
add webook URL to profile so people can use it in another workflow #rssmailer
find out why #rssmailer email breaks on Spark (iOS)