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show "adblocker? wtf mate" image underneath ad #sketchfordesignrs
post field for downloads. Select which files to share. #sketchfordesignrs
design mockup for improved newsletter component #sketchfordesignrs
add ability for custom button on error/thanks pages #sketchfordesignrs
setup auto twitter posting with IFTTT #sketchfordesignrs
design label on card for ‚Äúoriginals‚ÄĚ #sketchfordesignrs
write a "best Sketch resources of 2017" #sketchfordesignrs
get crop setting from thumbnail and apply to item #sketchfordesignrs
find a way to make daily content backups. Since it's file based, can just be a daily sftp backup #sketchfordesignrs
try and implement amplitude analytics #sketchfordesignrs
Ability to add an affiliate code to a "makers" which applies it to all their posts #sketchfordesignrs
Designer highlight. Show tile in stream, featuring designer + sketch file #sketchfordesignrs
"read on Medium" button in admin panel #sketchfordesignrs