My travel to-do's
book hotel in 🇳🇵 kathmandu #travel
book mct-dxb-ktm with flydubai #travel
claim travel insurance for cancelled trip due to covid #travel
do covid test @ dutch health service to get proof I need for insurance #travel
cancel doh-dac flight after waiting for 2 hours in service desk queue #travel
call american express because they have not been crediting my miles since march and ask for compensation #travel
cancel mct-doh with qr in y because of positive covid test #travel
change flight ams-mct, change hotel mct, cancel hotel doh, cancel hotel dac because of positive covid test #travel
pay for weekend with high school friends #travel
change hotel booking from refundable to non-refundable and save €32 #travel
ask hotel in Doha if I need pcr test because gov websites are unclear #travel
request taxi transfer from hotel in 🇧🇩 Dhaka #travel
get upgraded at Hilton 🇴🇲 Muscat because of diamond status #travel
book hotel in 🇧🇩 Dhaka #travel
get approved for 🇴🇲 Oman visa #travel
apply for 🇴🇲 Oman visa #travel
fix visa for 🇧🇩 Bangladesh because can be done on arrival #travel
get early checkin for day stay in 🇶🇦 Doha #travel
ask hotel for early checkin #travel
book day stay in Hilton Doubletree in Doha #travel