Browser screenshots & thumbnails as a service.
OSError (in checks) “Domain name not found” causes "in progress" image to show #apercite
add "created/updated" notice near to upload in spider logs #apercite
add a test case to check download is done after expiration (while file exists on disk) #apercite
tech: add an env option to activate sqlalchemy logs #apercite
add social links (twitter) #apercite
market: add me to the waitlist page #apercite
seo: regular link to alternate versions (i18n) of a page #apercite
analytics: add count of user with profile vs user w/o profile #apercite
replace "failed" by "screenshot unavailable", and other messages by a more gentle version #apercite
kill stuck spiders if time > threshold #apercite
docs: subsections in indexes #apercite
Tincy bit of better design for invitation mail #apercite
docs: review integration docs and see if it's mergeable with apidocs #apercite
what happens if an old image cannot be fetched anymore (exist in storage, but server down or unavailable) ? #apercite
retry timeout using asyncio on spider with new browser version #apercite
Add a webserver to spiders to manually test browser upgrades and buggy urls #apercite
product: full page screenshots #apercite
optim: speedup redis checks by having less calls #apercite