Venture Cost

Track your travel expenses and discover new places to visit
Make it possible to login with Facebook and Instagram #venturecost
Add "Start trip here" for a city-page #venturecost
Add a Remove Trip-button to the trip-page #venturecost
Add comment section for each trip #venturecost
Add a chart to display the income from the very first day, making it an Open Startup #venturecost
Add search filters on the trip page: Temperature, Budget, Continent/Country, Text search (City names, user names) #venturecost
Add filters to the Trips-page #venturecost
Add description on the trip-page so the creator can shortly describe their trip #venturecost
Make the footer contain more information such as Highly popular cities, or Highly viewed trips #venturecost
Add notifications when hovering the profile picture in the header #venturecost
Display message "No data yet" if a trip has nothing to show #venturecost
Create a nicely generated picture when sharing a trip on Social Media (Like Nomad List does it) #venturecost
Add a presentation for each city including Pictures, Basic information and Monthly temperature averages #venturecost
Add animated progress bar showing how much you've spent in a trip #venturecost