Trying to find the best way to develop map based websites

I have two projects I am working on that are mainly based around maps. I am just struggling to find the best way to develop them (I am a novice with little to no coding ability, but I am actively learning).

First Project-
  • 100% map based
  • Tied into database that I run with scoring and information
  • Users can add new projects through the website, creating hotspots of actvity.
Project 2: - 100% map based website. - Tied into database with POI information - Users can add into the POI database by providing tips, new info, suggestions

Does a tool like Mapbox have this capability? Or are there any other alternatives?

Mapbox will likely be your bet bet. Their free developer tier is generous as well. You will need GPS coordinates that you can then feed to Mapbox to plot on a canvas. For the POI's you should leverage their symbol or popup hover options that come baked into the API (…)

Interesting. So they would be able to plop points in he map too?

Correct. User added points would need to happen on the front end with some JS which would update the JSON which is rendered by Mapbox into modals/hover points.

Got it. I'll look into learning JS more and this :)

Cool! Happy to lend a hand if you have any q's along the way. I'm working on a mapbox project for mapping flights/travels.

I'm an ex-aviation consultant ( I used to plan routes) , so if you have any flight specific questions, shoot them my way. I'm also working on rebuilding a visa chat bot, would love to potentially host your project as one of the resources on it :)

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