Too many names, not enough time...any ideas? Definitely considering selling some

Would love to hear your thoughts. Open to all possibilities - just advice, collaboration, name sales (for some)! :)


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Hi Josh,

You have got an impressive collection of domains. If you want to sell this via social channel, i have a right tool for you. We have created #heyfromapp to provide sales channel in social media, which combine the features of DealDash and StockX. I think its an ideal tool for you to find the right price for each domain.

I can help you to set it up and together we can promote this domain availability for Sales in Twitter and Slack.

I am available for quick chat anytime. My twitter DM is open.



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My advice would be to put them up for sale on the major platforms (Sedo, DAN, and Afternic) for a price you'd be more than comfortable letting them go.

Give it a year, (or whatever time frame you're comfortable with) and for those you didn't get any serious offers consider lowering the price significantly or let them expire.

It's hard to objectively estimate the value of a domain, especially if you've already invested some money into it (initial purchase + renewals), so you can use a tool like NameBio to get a sense of what similar domains sold for.

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