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We provide flexible and on-demand customer support for online stores that want to improve their response rates or reduce ticket resolution times.

Our target market is new and upcoming stores that want to focus on growth and not spend as much time dealing with support tickets. We also provide live-chat coverage for those that want to instantly respond to online visitors and increase conversion.

Right now we primarily work with Shopify stores and exclusively use Gorgias Help desk

Let me know what you think about the landing page and if you have any feedback.

1. Do I clearly articulate what our services are?
2. Am I after the right target audience?
3. Do you understand the value prop here?
4. What do you think of the pricing plans?

Learning. Building. Teaching.

  1. ish - though I'm not 100% on if you provide the support folks, or just help with workflow / tooling.
  2. shrug
  3. faster response time? it's really worrying it's 100% stock-photo and no product screenshots; I've really not much idea what this looks like or if it I can't sign up
  4. biggest worry isn't price, it's that you need a discovery call instead of me being able to try it. looking at the actual plans; I'm kinda confused if the live chat ($219/mo) is an add-on, or the top tier? $0.75/ticket doesn't get cheaper with a bigger plan or scale? the math on that depends on what you'd be selling to the ROI.

FYI, you've got some (distracting) rendering issues on Safari 14. See attached.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 6.42.22 PM.png
Learning. Building. Teaching.

thanks for your feedback.

  1. It's both, we provide both the support agents + workflow/tooling. I'll work on wording

  2. Since it's a service and not a product there aren't product screenshots

  3. Fixed pricing and wording! For the discovery call, unfortunately since it's a service we have to white-glove it and get on a discovery call to learn more about how the shopify store operates before we bring them on.

Will fix safari issues as well.

thx again

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