Am I gonna make it?

In a nutshell, I'm trying to help you avoid picking a cringe domain for your startup.

What I could have done better?


Maybe kickstart a CPG / Food Truck in 2022.

Your website looks great! Experience is smooth and easy to understand. Not sure about the name "zlipa" tho. Hard to say if you'll "make it".

I love domains!

hey Adrian. you already know I love your site and your logos — probably the best looking brand marketplace out there. But made up words for brands are sooo subjective. I feel you are in tough position where you are putting lots of time and effort into each brand and the user experience of the site, but you’d need a ton of consistent traffic to get regular sales with such a relatively small inventory. Your prices are quite cheap but that just means you need to sell even more. You are up against domainers with 10,000 dot coms who spray and pray those names across afternic/sedo for $1-2k each. they aren’t spending any time on building a site, just trying to find and buy decent domains for as little as possible all day. They’ll sell a random name like for $2k every day and it goes right back into SnapNames. It is a numbers game, and you either need great, premium brand names in .com or trendy popular extensions like .xyz, .so, .io OR you need 10,000 rando dot com names you paid $20/ea for and you can 100x. You don’t want to be in the middle. The only way I’d get into the brandables market is to build a platform like Squadhelp/Brandbucket/Alter/Brandpa and charge domainers listing fees and take commissions.

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