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shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.
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stripe connect ui flow changes #downpayment
client defaults; ease setting and resetting from config #downpayment
develop release testing checklist. #downpayment
signup forms on login page. redesign. #downpayment
rocketlink private URL API testing; tear apart chrome extension javascript to generate my own browser javascript functions for partner marketing urls #downpayment
webinar menu, section, links to DPP and get sales blog #downpayment
post video blog summaries to DPP from repurposed marketing vids #downpayment
schedule 6 videos to facebook #downpayment
Test new Stripe Connect Oauth flow #downpayment
clean up webhook debugging code #downpayment
clean up confirmation; fix and test Devise user model edge cases around confirmation #downpayment
research Jared's start with video idea #downpayment
vectera meeting background; banner #downpayment
officehours.downpayment.gift page with "schedule" and direct link to meet.downpayment.gift/officehours #downpayment
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

check in-app links and elsewhere

move cb webinar and survey popups to lower left #downpayment
Replace boring pricing table on partner sales site #downpayment
add jekyll page(s) for careers page; add job listing(s) to vervoe #downpayment
render custom, different 404 on app vs shortlink #downpayment
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

Lottie js

upgrade ubuntu on dev server for test #downpayment
Redis-browser setup in admin, stand alone #downpayment
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

Document in notion

Feedback and bug report links for client and partner dashbrd #downpayment
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

feedback widget

setup monitoring across all services, api #downpayment
fix AXLS output. test adding more data to header of export #downpayment
time estimates to checklist in client view #downpayment
onboarding widget partner view #downpayment
onboarding widget client view #downpayment
animation on/off in Profile, save to redis #downpayment
social proof directory of registries #downpayment


migrate to Socketlabs for email on #statuskit
move from AWS/Docker on nginx to caddy #statuskit
remove paypal from pricing #statuskit
email sending in free plan; pricing to annual or ltd lower cost #statuskit
uptimekit monitoring feature #statuskit
external API for adjusting status #statuskit
webhooks for notifications; adjusting status #statuskit
replace free drift with dashly #statuskit


re-setup vcrd.co fb app; apparently deactivated #vcrd



move rail to passenger hatchbox from docker 'hack' #openvoyce
turn on uptime monitoring for openvoyce #openvoyce

Without a product

partner marketing kit v1
quickstart pdf users
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.


add music and voiceover to partner demo video
setup reachable audiences; MSAs approx 350
complete User help articles
Sales FAQ - users and donors
update stripe connect oauth security per their new requirements.
apply to Stripe verified
Configure anypicker chrome ext for NMLS; figure out how to work around captcha and pull url from serps.
fixing CSP content security pol
setup fb audiences for states x4 enaged
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

switching to OBF BM

setup fb audiences for county city maps
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.


webinar slides sales pitch v2
create twitter for DPP
shipping downpayment.gift, need more time to ride bikes.

also instagram

schedule social media in tool for 2, 4 weeks
revisit non_searchable option
export partner dashboard init tour to wp and back to markdown
modal's in getgist on homepage
test new fonts on homepage; fancier text
partner vendor create webhook; fix confirmation email; test for duplicate and edge cases
test partner users created with webhook;
test client users created in webhook
test demo registry creation via webhook; brand creation from Instance model?
QR Code tracking QR Code force Save As PNG Cloak qr api url
wefunder w9 thingee #life
next.js boilerplate
setup gumhub for testing on something
heroku migrate #spendful
Checkout podcast.page
Zencaster v squad cast v zoom v vectera v riverside
Scrape digital agencies that service mortgage lead gen
consolidate support TODOs to automate, involve workflow; schedule support times
revisit localvideo.org; community and jobs
I.S. cnames, 10 subusers, domain- dkim setup
debug weird constraints regexp bug
Check backup config on DO and snapshtr. Check pg backups.
Create office365 emails for cold outreach
find usb c to hdmi adapter for 13" mbk pro. existing one is not working, did it ever? #wfh
fix aaa batteries and setup logi multi 3 way kb mouse with mbk pro 1 and local ubuntu 2-3 #wfh
read case study for class. #life
config tailwindui with shuffle.dev