Refactoring at Speed

writing #refactoringbook
writing #refactoringbook
edit yesterday’s writing #refactoringbook
scroll through editor feedback on chapter 1 #refactoringbook
stare at editor with no progress #refactoringbook

Swiz Blog and Audience

merge Chris’s edits #blog2

Without a project

add new css trick that @pugson taught me to all login forms
ship enough to get this
cleanup accounting app
make a product for collecting feedback requests
set up bot to automatically like girlfriend's and sister's instas
crash @pretzelhands's wedding
Make a miniWIP to check lists of IPs against stuff in becuase fuck this shit why is there nothing good out there
become rich enough to spend 24/7 chasing JavaScript fads and launching books/courses every week on everything new
email all 10,000 subscribers that I'm testing something and if they could please email [email protected]
weekly review and plan