Spencer Walden


I love learning everything I can, fixing things and building things :D I currently run https://www.chocolab.com.au. Before that I worked as a UX Engineer.
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  • Sydney, NSW
  • Joined December 2020


#chocolab When adding emojis text exceeds amount and doesn't save to product.
Update #chocolab website to latest Woocommerce version and plugins
Fix smaller plaque sheet printing #chocolab
Seperate gift card producing from plaque sheet producing in application #chocolab
Fix cmyk print colours. See Gaytime-mac for patential new colours #chocolab
Stop bot from filling out creation lab #chocolab
#chocolab Fix alignment of plaque sheets (right hand side needs to be nudged left a few mm)
#chocolab search system which uses normal product catelogue
Fix gift cards adding html on order confirmation #chocolab

Beep Test Watch

#beep fix app timings being slightly behind
Add ability to share result after test #beep
#beep Add ability to delete past tests
#beep For iphone saved data if not average heart rate in history data, or it is 0 don't show field in history
Remove fatalerror code from persistentcontroller #beep

Discount Kit

#discountkit Fix some product shop urls not working like ‘Coco Earth Premium Liquid Coconut Oil’
#discountkit Add Coles supermarket support

Wake Heart