Joined May 2022
Go to dev talk of collague #dev
Work a bit on #wipchad
Work on #wipchad
Work on #wipchad, catch up on all the changes @marc keeps making 😛
Fix build issues #wipchad
Add replies and like functions to #wipchad
Send #pieterspost
Work on #wipchad , try to figure out what's the best way to do file / image uploading. Cloudinary or S3 Digital Ocean or something. Static assets don't work with Vercel serverless bs
Work on #wipchad
Work on wipchad, project is taking forever but learning a lot #wipchad
Jump on the AI Avatar bandwagon #life
Help family setup a VPS and configure it to run a prod app #dev
Work on #wipchad again, rip out ChakraUI and replace with Tailwind. It feels so much more sane to write HTML/template style instead of React's everything is a component in a component imported from a component styled with props. I don't want mental friction, I want to ship stuff. Should've just went with PHP 😛
Visit halloween party #life
Get back from Poland for conference #dev
Practice Tailwind by making small components. Syntax easy, building hard 🥲 #dev
Workout 12.1 #workout
Go holo show #life
Workout 12.2 #workout
Send #pieterspost