Marc Köhlbrugge


Maker of WIP amongst other things.
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  • Ericeira, Portugal
  • Joined September 2017
What would you like to know about new WIP members?
What is your product's biggest unknown?
What does your workspace look like today?
What are you reading?
Got any feedback, bug reports, or suggestions for WIP?
What's the hardest thing about being a solo founder?
Should I give free memberships to influential makers?
Trying out @mentions
What are some of your favorite bash scripts?
Post photo of where you put your WIP sticker #wip
How do you store and manage your API keys?
What are your favorite, creative domain names?
How should I grow #faces?
Anyone have a simple Data Processing Agreement template I could use?
What are your favorite Black Friday deals (2018)?
What are some things you wish you started paying earlier for?
How do you collect and browse visual inspiration?
What are your favorite Ruby gems?
Should product hashtags be unique? #wip
Any ideas to grow Caption Cat's audience? #captioncat
Have you considered using real-world examples for Ruby Daily Tips?
How do you manage AWS S3 API keys for different products?
What service or tech do you use to forward emails to your main email address?
Do you keep track of 404 errors?
Any examples of "Find or create" input fields?
Any insights or personal experiences with “purchasing power parity” for SaaS?
What’s the correct CORS configuration for allowing direct uploads in S3 ?
What’s the best URL structure for WIP Questions? #wip
Would you sign up for a weekly WIP email digest? #wip
How do you decide whether to refactor or rewrite?
Do you read people’s completed todo’s on the WIP website frontpage? #wip
Hey WIP, share a selfie of you right now 🤳 #wip
Anyone know some _expensive_ resources to learn Swift?
What’s a good name for BetaList Jobs spin-off? #betalistjobs
What's the research behind Stance?
Let’s roast #WIP. Tell me everything that’s wrong with it and why it will fail.
What do you think of these 'Request for Feedback' question types for #wip?
What if rather than losing your streak count during an off-day, it drops by 1 (or more) ? #wip
Do threaded comments work? #wip
Should there be a paid option to ‘fix’ a broken streak? #wip
How do you decide which features and improvements to focus on?
How to easily share code between different Rails apps?
Would you contribute to WIP’s codebase if it was open source? #wip
Would you be interested in helping new WIP members get up-and-running? #wip
How has WIP helped you as a maker?
How do you deal with an overload of DM’s in Telegram?
What progress/milestones would you like to track on #wip?
does @wipbot notify the group of answers to recent questions? #wip
Do you use Stripe and would you be open to sharing your revenue publicly? #wip
If you could ask your favorite maker anything, what would you ask? #wip
How do you set goals for yourself and/or products? #wip
Are you using passwordless auth via emails in your app to authenticate users?
Has anybody here used for recurring billing?
Should pending todo's be sortable? #wip
What are your goals for 2018?
What should the /launch feature on WIP look like?
What are some cool sticker/swag ideas for WIP?
What are some creative ways you've acquired customers for your product?
What do you think of a decentralized WIP ?
What are some good Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for makers?
How can we distribute the
I’m redesigning the #wip header navigation. Any requests or suggestions apart from making the logo clickable?
Can questions have images attached?
What do you think of this new Q&A feature for #wip ?
Does this work?