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Maker of WIP amongst other things.
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  • Eindhoven, The Netherlands
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WIP Menubar

Set up uploading to Snap Store #menubar
look into supporting animated gifs #menubar
Double check pending todos aren't marked as completed #menubar
Add setting to disable broadcasting #menubar h/t @lastnamefirst

#build in public

Abort loading next page (with infinite scrolling) if Turbo Drive is already loading another page #buildinpublic


Fix introductions form design (fields and darkmode) h/t @KlimYadrintsev #wip
move the follow button to the top of a profile page so you can press it on mobile #wip cc @marc
add OG images for posts #wip
update product and user cache when deleting making #wip
design end-of-trial phase #wip
send heads up email few days before free trial expires #wip
ask user whether they want their username to be changed on the site, when a username change is detected #wip
show suggested pending todos in daily digest when not completing any todos that day h/t @RDD_contact #wip
fix design so I can link it in onboarding email #wip
improve design of Questions on about page #wip
wip questions abbout.png
prevent users from destroying their question if it already has answers #wip
fix setting time zone by sending location #wip
Maker of things on the internet

@marc this is fixed, right?

add time/date to #wip answers and questions (cc @dantelex)
improve copy of empty daily digest to be more motivating (especially for new members) #wip h/t @RDD_contact
explain why we don't allow asking for upvotes in community guidelines #wip
handle case where GPS is sent, but there's no previous location set #wip
show real-time chat preview on homepage #wip
publish bettertouchtool widget #wip
add API token reset function #wip h/t @sanderfish
add space to bottom of pending page #wip (via @Kiruio)
fix padding between makers #wip
Pasted Image.png
add comments to meetups so people can coordinate beforehand and share pictures afterwards #wip h/t @shridhargupta
inform user to click “Start” after they click “Receive magic link via Telegram” h/t @PeterSanchez #wip
show timestamp of todo comment so you know when it was posted #wip
dont show textarea for "new comment" on todos, if user is not signed in #wip /cc @levelsio
make sure Answers are properly identified with (maybe @id is not unique by using anchors? #wip
fix turbolinks bug where videos with sound might autoplay… #wip /cc @adriaanvanrossum
look into disabling markdown within code blocks #wip /cc @rutierut
remove old groups in @wiphub #wip
Add back colors to heatmap #wip
heatmap 1.png
Return error in case of an invalid/missing API key when making a graphql request h/t @sowenjub #wip
invite top betalist startups #wip
introduce new members to other new members (they have shared experience) h/t @adriaanvanrossum #wip
fix bug where todo permalinks aren't updated when user's username changes #wip
answers count on user profile includes todo comments, but does not show them #wip
make it possible to cancel when about to unfollow a question #wip
Add validation to prevent answers having themselves as a parent #wip
Notifications of posts without titles aren’t clickable #wip /cc @levelsio
Add stacked bar chat showing completed todos per product per day. Requested by @levlesio #wip
Disable user popovers on touch devices cause it's annoying #wip
Don't send this type of notification about my own todos because it doesn't make sense #wip
Suggest people answer someone else's roast after creating their own #wip
Fix caching (?) issue where hovering a user, then clicking follow on popover, then hovering again doesn't show you are following them. #wip
Regenerate todo HTML for all products without a logo #wip
Send weekly digest also to non-paying, non-trialing users (`with_access` scope is inaccurate) #wip /cc @wilbertliu
Fix textarea styling in Chrome #wip h/t @levelsio
Pasted Image.png
Add back "group by day" for todos #wip
Fix darkmode of trix editor h/t @wilbertliu #wip
Prevent content flashing of elements that are supposed to be hidden #wip
Add cmd + return shortcut in todo composer to submit the form h/t @wilbertliu #wip
Speed up TodosController#create so todos can be added more quickly #wip h/t @wilbertliu
Enable daily digest by default for new members #wip
Fix aspect_ratio when uploading attachment through graphql #wip /cc @moul
Stop page from scrolling to bottom when you're typing in textarea #wip /cc @wilbertliu
Allow saving of todos/comments with cmd + enter #wip /cc @pablof7z
Fix hiding of submit button for comments #wip /cc @levelsio
Maker of things on the internet

I’ve also seen this issue!

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

@levelsio Yeah still need to fix 🤪

Disable interactivity of todo checkboxes for todos that aren’t yours #wip /cc @jumbotron9000
Link #hashtags and @mentions in profile bio #wip h/t @brandtnew
Change button label to “Save changes” when editing a comment h/t @pedrogimenez #wip
Make sure /markasdone works in groups with limited bot access #wip h/t @levelsio
Remove tracking pixels from all emails (I think they are on by default?) #wip h/t @adriaanvanrossum
Fix new todo buttons layout on mobile #wip
show followings/followers on profile #wip h/t @ronaldl93
Make OAuth more user-friendly by redirecting user or adding copy-button #wip h/t @nrlnd
Ask Stripe for $20k credits like Founders Card #wip
Check if Redis instance is still at ~40% hit ratio after scaling from 1GB to 500MB on December 3rd #wip
Pasted Image.png
Base calendar graph on local time rather than UTC time #wip h/t @nathanwailes
Make sure uploads with weird file names (e.g. including #) work without problems h/t @anothertimjones #wip
Automatically ban bots sending messages like these #wip
Pasted Image.png
Pasted Image.png
CleanShot 2020-12-19 at 13.45.38@2x.png
Prevent daily digest from ever sending multiple times in a day, in case of a bug #wip
Maker of things on the internet
Include popular milestones in the weekly digest #wip
Add link to profile on intro h/t @onerinas #wip
Show join modal when trying to follow product when not signed in #wip h/t @onerinas
Add back explainer about what WIP is on homepage h/t @rikschennink #wip
Fix auto-complete so that fully written hashtags or usernames either show up in auto-complete pop-up or just don’t show pop-up at all h/t @gvrizzo #wip
Fix dragging/sorting of pending todos #wip
Clarify @wipbot's messages for users who haven't connected their account yet… /cc @josh #wip
Prevent todos with duplicate Telegram message IDs from being created, because Telegram has started firing multiple hooks for the same message sometimes #wip h/t @levelsio @jefftriplett

Startup Jobs

Fix duckduckgo link that uses ?q= instead of ?query= #startupjobs
Delete from cloudfront #startupjobs
Send reminder email to unconfirmed users (mention their saved search, so they have clear incentive) #startupjobs
set LFU setting on redis cache store #startupjobs
merge company fubotv-2 with fubotv #startupjobs
figure out why tapping logo/nav doesn’t work on mobile #startupjobs
fix collection font size on mobile #startupjobs
fix foursquare slug (duplicate?) #startupjobs
figure out why freskdesk page is empty #startupjobs
look into old foursquare job posts #startupjobs
sj foursquare outdated.png
add rails scheduler:update_jobs_visit_counts to scheduler #startupjobs
fix back button on mobile when viewing job listing #startupjobs
fix email fields on homepage on mobile #startupjobs
add “featured in google jobs” to new post page #startupjobs
merge duplicate dribbble companies #startupjobs
re-use old card design #startupjobs
allow creation of multiple alerts for the same email without being signed in #startupjobs
Implement 'reject' policy for DMARC to increase chance of getting logo shown in Gmail #startupjobs
Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 20.44.24.png
Strip suffixes like "Inc." from startup names #startupjobs
Disallow destroying of companies with existing posts #startupjobs
Add descriptions to U.S. states #startupjobs


Add submission note about not using emoji #betalist
Marketing and Community @ BetaList and WIP, Consultant at Film and (Pop) Culture Festivals, New Business Strategist

this one is increasingly needed due to the rise of submissions with emoji heavy texts

Clarify the expedited review prices are one-time prices and not recurring #betalist
remove duplicate usernames ("count(*) > 1").size ) #betalist
formally announce we feature recently launched startups too (+ reasoning) #betalist
don’t include likes from banned users when calculatting like count (followees_count) #betalist
ensure newsletter promotions are random for each subscriber #betalist
personalise newsletter to fields #betalist
compile list of ad leads #betalist
make preview link accessible to submitter #betalist