Marc Köhlbrugge


Joined September 2017


Make unlinked #hashtag clickable for creator of todo, so they can quickly turn it into a new product or simply show a tooltip explaining there's no product linked to it yet, but they can create one #wip h/t @koolangsu
move the follow button to the top of a profile page so you can press it on mobile #wip cc @marc
add OG images for posts #wip
ask user whether they want their username to be changed on the site, when a username change is detected #wip
show suggested pending todos in daily digest when not completing any todos that day h/t @RDD_contact #wip
prevent users from destroying their question if it already has answers #wip
look into google rich cards… #wip
fix setting time zone by sending location #wip
add time/date to #wip answers and questions (cc @dantelex)
improve copy of empty daily digest to be more motivating (especially for new members) #wip h/t @RDD_contact
handle case where GPS is sent, but there's no previous location set #wip
add API token reset function #wip h/t @sanderfish
add space to bottom of pending page #wip (via @Kiruio)
add comments to meetups so people can coordinate beforehand and share pictures afterwards #wip h/t @shridhargupta
inform user to click “Start” after they click “Receive magic link via Telegram” h/t @PeterSanchez #wip
improve 404 page #wip h/t @chrismessina
show timestamp of todo comment so you know when it was posted #wip
dont show textarea for "new comment" on todos, if user is not signed in #wip /cc @levelsio
make sure Answers are properly identified with (maybe @id is not unique by using anchors? #wip
fix turbolinks bug where videos with sound might autoplay… #wip /cc @adriaanvanrossum
look into disabling markdown within code blocks #wip /cc @rutierut
remove old groups in @wiphub #wip
Return error in case of an invalid/missing API key when making a graphql request h/t @sowenjub #wip
Add back colors to heatmap #wip
invite top betalist startups #wip
introduce new members to other new members (they have shared experience) h/t @adriaanvanrossum #wip
fix bug where todo permalinks aren't updated when user's username changes #wip
answers count on user profile includes todo comments, but does not show them #wip
make it possible to cancel when about to unfollow a question #wip
Add validation to prevent answers having themselves as a parent #wip
Notifications of posts without titles aren’t clickable #wip /cc @levelsio
Add stacked bar chat showing completed todos per product per day. Requested by @levlesio #wip
Add syntax highlighting to codeblocks #wip…
Don't send this type of notification about my own todos because it doesn't make sense #wip
Suggest people answer someone else's roast after creating their own #wip
Fix caching (?) issue where hovering a user, then clicking follow on popover, then hovering again doesn't show you are following them. #wip
Improve invites page design #wip
Send weekly digest also to non-paying, non-trialing users (`with_access` scope is inaccurate) #wip /cc @wilbertliu
Add back "group by day" for todos #wip
Enable daily digest by default for new members #wip
Fix aspect_ratio when uploading attachment through graphql #wip /cc @moul
Disable interactivity of todo checkboxes for todos that aren’t yours #wip /cc @jumbotron9000
Link #hashtags and @mentions in profile bio #wip h/t @brandtnew
Change button label to “Save changes” when editing a comment h/t @pedrogimenez #wip
Make sure /markasdone works in groups with limited bot access #wip h/t @levelsio
Fix new todo buttons layout on mobile #wip
show followings/followers on profile #wip h/t @ronaldl93
Make OAuth more user-friendly by redirecting user or adding copy-button #wip h/t @nrlnd
Ask Stripe for $20k credits like Founders Card #wip
Set up Reverse DNS for SendGrid… #wip
Base calendar graph on local time rather than UTC time #wip h/t @nathanwailes
Make sure uploads with weird file names (e.g. including #) work without problems h/t @anothertimjones #wip
Prevent daily digest from ever sending multiple times in a day, in case of a bug #wip
Include popular milestones in the weekly digest #wip
Show join modal when trying to follow product when not signed in #wip h/t @onerinas
Add back explainer about what WIP is on homepage h/t @rikschennink #wip
Fix auto-complete so that fully written hashtags or usernames either show up in auto-complete pop-up or just don’t show pop-up at all h/t @gvrizzo #wip
Fix dragging/sorting of pending todos #wip
Clarify @wipbot's messages for users who haven't connected their account yet… /cc @josh #wip
Show list of followers #wip h/t @koolangsu
Allow product header image to be removed (right now you can only replace it with a different one) #wip h/t @koolangsu
Add cropping to avatar uploads #wip h/t @buck
Add cropping to header image uploads #wip h/t @buck
Add back timestamps to comments #wip
Fix cards which are broken since I switched to Tailwind CSS #wip
Make click area of avatar on profile page smaller so follow button works again #wip
Hide sidebars on mobile because they are unreachable anyway due to infinite scrolling #wip
Add "you have unread notifications" badge to mobile navigation bar #wip
Fix styling of community guidelines #wip
Remove Stripe JS include when signed in #wip h/t @levelsio
Move anything that’s unreachable because infinite scrolling #wip h/t @amirmxt
Allow people to add skill tags to their profile so we can recommend them related questions #wip
Check if user has Telegram avatar set, and if not, suggest they do (or disable privacy setting that hides it from non-contacts) #wip
Show number of pending applicants on join page #wip
Fix "invite a friend" layout issue #wip
Look into daily digest CSS issues #wip

WIP Menubar

Set up uploading to Snap Store #menubar