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Luke Hollis


Cozy virtual travel games & historical simulations with 3d scans

I just finished Circe by Madeline Miller, thinking about writing scripts for serious history-themed games. It was good! Also have been reading Kingsolver (mostly rereading Poisonwood) & Neal Stephenson's Fall or Dodge in Hell.

I don't know if it counts but was playing through narratives of every game by that game company and feel like it's in the same register

nice, thanks for sharing

Thanks so much, and yeah, this would be affecting sales for subscriptions to use the IP. It'd be great to talk to the lawyer you mention, thanks!

Congrats on the launch, and I get what you're offering and who you're offering it to from the homepage. Do you have example work up anywhere?

Or if you're thinking for edtech, do you have example lesson plans or know how to navigate the morass of teaching standards? (I had to research them last year for tpt and it took a lot of time.) p.s. i also love deathwish!

It's an interesting question, and I'll check out those books. I've always wondered about this--I grew up in a rural area and it didn't really ever enter our mind to enjoy life. I started as a writer before anything in tech, and then the products that I worked on just became a creative obsession like an essay or novel.

I totally agree that freelancing too much can kill the soul and make you miss things because you're constantly working toward deadlines and under client decisions. But if you get to know a small segment of customers, that could help for building a product?

I used to spend most of my days just going really nice places, but it wasn't meaningful. Cicero has this book called On duties or De oficiis, and reading it earlier this year for the better or worse made me end up moving back to my home country.

I guess along with enjoyment, what do you find most meaningful? I kind of just stuck with that through thick and thin, but I don't think that's the "right" way to do things--just my take.

I've always thought that programming must be a lot like writing a book - haven't written a book, but I can see some parallels.

I also realized something similar to what you did recently - and it became increasingly obvious after my last backpacking trip to southeast asia a few months ago. Basically, I realized that you can only see so many temples, beaches, waterfalls, cultural sights, bars, and go on so many adventures before it all gets a bit tired and starts to feel pointless. I think a better way to live is to do truly meaningful work and be located wherever is best to do that work and where your community is, even if it means going back to your home country or staying in the same place for a long time instead of being nomadic.

I'm personally gearing up to move to another country to extend my financial runway to be able to do indie hacking as long as possible, but I don't plan to hop between cities/countries every few weeks. ~3-6 months per location at minimum until I find somewhere that works for me, then I'll stay for years. I'd like to find somewhere where I can build a friend group and join a community of people who are doing the same thing (looking at Thailand which has options like KoHub + tons of indie hackers in BKK and Chiangmai), and I think that'll be good for my mental health too.

Congrats, and I made an account, and didn't find any doctors in my area, but the signup/login/profile photos, etc. all worked. The email link in the sidebar doesn't work for me. You could include a notice about which cities are supported so far or something?

Sidenote I've always wanted to go to Accra! Best of luck with this project.

Thanks so much Luke for taking your time to check out my project & with the feedbacks you sent, are really good. I'll check on the lil bugs and solve them asap. Can we connect on LinkedIn or Twitter to talk more. Much Appreciated!

Hey I went to test--I think the url might be down right now.

Hey I work in edtech a bit too! It's been challenging, for sure, compared to some of the other markets. I met teachers that ended up using our product on

Hey I installed and tested enhancing the seagull--everything worked on my 2018 macbook, and the quality of the output looks really good. I could see myself using and paying for this product in the future when working with archival video clips for my product or marketing.

For photo for example, I paid ~$79 for Topaz Photo AI, but they increased their pricing to $159, and I probably would've paid more for it since I use it so often:…

I used Ghost until subscribers grew and then moved to Postmark integrated with Django. Postmark was good, so I moved over transactional emails that had been on SendGrid and now just use Postmark for everything.

Cool, yep, it's working for me now. I can add to watchlists and everything--this is a cool product. I don't think I can see my watchlists yet.

I threw in the towel on React, Vue, and the like unless they're being used by some other library I need. I've had multiple projects start out in React and then have to trash it weeks or months down the road for one reason or another.

Now I deleverage almost everything from client js and just do basic django with a tiny bit of vanilla js. There was a version of Mused with React/prerender/etc but it was so buggy and terrible for rendering a simple page, I scrapped it.

In Dec last year, Mused got discovered on social after a post on HackerNews -- definitely unexpected, but then people made screenrecords of our tours and posted them social media w/backlinks, etc, and we ranked higher.