Luke Hollis


Art/heritage worker & engineer of 3d sundries. Probably in Egypt.
Joined December 2022
apply to bill&melinda for AI grants for nonprofits in global public health #caduceus
separate concerns for debugging react-three-fiber bugs #mused
fix bugs with aligning 360 images and connecting to 360 tour coordinate system, fix many interface bugs #mused
fail to get usable data from colmap mesh from 360 images, so have to wait until get back to pc to use metashape #mused
field capture & dl drone footage Maya site #mused
learn to make maya tortillas in foothills #life
help shoot pbs doc & more fieldwork, 3d scan some tunnel collapses where we got buried last year #mused
fieldwork cancelled b/c protests onsite, fix bugs in 360 image viewer and render 3d models from 360 images #mused
sell blk 360 3d scanner for 16k #mused
Halfday fieldwork at Maya site & test Polycam for faster capture for wider survey #mused
drive to site in mountains #mused
launch new name for providers at & factor in previous codebase for global public health tool #caduceus
dinner w/archaeologists & documentary crew #life
fly Miami >> San Pedro Sula #life
fly sfo >> miami #life
read hackers&painters #life
try to get back to 6,000 cal /day #life 1/2
use new domain & setup wordpress as homepage / next as app
well, finally break 4 figures on twitter followers #life
add a bunch of forms to provider interface & use them as prompts; launch to first round docs 👨🏻‍⚕️