Luke Hollis


Art/heritage worker & engineer of 3d sundries. Probably in Egypt.
Joined December 2022
3d scan the Great Sphinx at Giza #mused
pack and final gear check for shooting today at Giza / Great Sphinx #mused
gear check for shooting tomorrow at Giza, Great Sphinx #mused
test out new support page #mused
code up some simple test memberships, but I'm super uncertain about this #mused
setup new deployment strategy for making neural networks w/less gpu since video data processing tasks are mostly cpu intensive #mused
respond to virtual tourists asking questions & get to crisp=0 #mused
check results of new languages & find only pt is used v much so far #mused
catch up with outstanding customers with questions about what they can build b/c homepage still is unclear/experimental #mused
start fieldwork for survey at mosque #mused
finish processing and aligning data for 360 images for big sur nerf, total about 28 hours (last step 24) #mused
test automated build/deploy w/translation apis for hi, bn, pt, & id since other translation tools that use screenreaders cant translate the guided tours like they can a normal website #mused
launch translated Giza tours & content into French & Italian w/deepl&help from friends #mused
work on content at Osana #mused
sync object edits across translations #mused
for 360>>nerf, test faster eq_2_persp method #mused
write script to translate guided tour json files w/DeepL & work with italian friend on italian version #mused
Set DEFAULT_FROM_EMAIL in so password reset emails send correctly #mused
setup 3 email templates & hack integration with django i18n #mused
Add abbreviations to names of schools that signed up so students can search #mused