João Aguiam


Co-founder of Veertly. Also building QuickActions and Wodily
Joined August 2023
Allow to customize the content of the generated thumbnails
Got my knee meniscus repaired in a surgery 🦿🪡 #life
Enjoying some water slides with family and friends #life
Added download button in
New layout for the generation of thumbnails and reusing previous generated screenshots
Added firestore and firebase storage to store generated thumbnails on
Finally have the thumbnail being generated in production with Browserless
Created the landing page for my recent project 🚀
Keep working on the social thumbnail generator (not the most productive day today…)
Playing with image generator with NextJS and Puppeteer for a new project I am starting
Enjoying Walibi park in France #life
Playing Labyrinth with family #life
Starting a new small bet: A social thumbnail generator saas
Dynamically generate sitemap for #wodily
WIP hangout with @rpish @piet and @martinvandriel
Finalized script to generate blog articles listing several boxes for specific cities in #wodily
Initial structure of blog articles for pSEO for #wodily
Clustering Crossfit gym reviews for programatic SEO #wodily
Verify if websites for the CrossFit boxes are live and update the DB accordingly in #wodily
Support variables from CRM profiles data in #quickactions