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Indie Maker building a next-gen deployment platform
Joined February 2022
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Make it possible to change plans in Stripe customer portal whenever and get prorated for changes in price #shipnix
Done developing constraints for all plans on that will make it to first launch #shipnix
Done developing constraints for Open Source tier #shipnix
Server validation for creating a private repo through the open source tier so it can't be exploited by tampering with the form #shipnix
Successfully create a github repo and load code into version control while server is provisioning #shipnix
95% fix the Github create server flow. Feels like I'm doing heavy plumbing in a giant skyscraper, but soon it will be all good #shipnix
Make "Create server" page instantly loading by deferring http requests to DigitalOcean to after html has loaded since it's not visible at first paint anyway #shipnix
Watch 🇧🇷 game with my brazilian mother #life
Work in progress: Form option to create Github repo as automated part of server provisioning. View part finished today. Was planning on doing it later, but necessary for enforcing open source plan conditions.
Fix database issue related to postgres user password #shipnix
Get my first covid #life
Catched a cold. Browsing for some logo makers for #shipnix on Fiverr, but not enough concentration #life
Make quota restriction of amount of NixOS servers for Open Source and Hobby tier. The commercial tiers can create and manage unlimited amount of servers
Add Stripe integration so I can implement plans and lock/unlock features according to current tier #shipnix
Make specific IAM user for #shipnix on AWS
File insurance claim for broken toilet. You nomads have it good #life
Travel back home to the wet and cold #life
Consider #shipnix docs good enough for now
Finish first draft of #shipnix docs. Will be using the next few days to fix typos and try to improve readability
Finish first draft of SSH docs for #shipnix