Lillo Ulvestad


Makes shipping stuff awesome with Shipnix. Boring Haskell guy
Joined February 2022
take ferry back to koh phanang #life
Travel to Koh Samui to pick up a friend here #life
Have some websocket problems and ask for help
replace SPA islands with htmx/hyperscript
extend stay at coliving with one month #life
work with postgres starter #shipnix
Replace three "SPA islands" with simple html charged with htmx, resulting in 100s of lines of deleted client-side code #shipnix
Check in at coliving in Koh Phangang #life
Board plane to Bangkok for one short night #life
Start searching for accountant because this shit sucks the soul out of me #life
Check out of hotel in Chiang Mai ūü•Ļ #life
Just work on live-view with vanilla js, wanting to eliminate use of npm #shipnix
Get paying customer and some feedback :) #shipnix
Work on postgres starter #shipnix
Re-format laptop with encryptet hard drive #life
Add some answers in FAQ after discussions with free users who does not like the idea of self-hosting, and paying for hosting #shipnix
Buy hat and t-shirt, probably shouldn't have #life
Add toggle for auto-deploying after updating environment variables, using HTMX instead of Elm or JavaScript for the first time #shipnix
Report back to users that bugs they experienced are fixed #shipnix
Fix bunch of small bugs from user feedback on IHP onboarding #shipnix