Lillo 🥸


Indie Maker trying to build revenue
Joined February 2022
Lunch mealprep for the bootstrapped workweek #life
3 min meditation session #life
Downgrade (resize) overkill specs for DigitalOcean droplet to lessen impact on financial burndown #shipnix
Listen to Daft Punk and dance sensually in my private office #life
Run Nix code formatter nixpkgs-fmt on generated Nix configuration files #shipnix
Let users review environment variables before deploying an exisiting project #shipnix
Create default ship_env file on all new server starters that stores information on whether the server environment is production, stage or something else #shipnix
Get working staging environment for #shipnix up and running, using #shipnix
Purge legacy SSH keys from Github #lillointeractive
Load yubikey-agent SSH keys into all hardware keys and start phasing out former regular SSH keys #lillointeractive
Fix annoying tailwind compiling bug by replacing npm version with standalone #shipnix
Fix bugs from breaking change and test thoroughly to confirm it's stable again #shipnix
Map out release blockers and only prioritize tasks I see as actual blockers so I can launch soon #shipnix
Back to work after a week of sick. Start day with breaking change in folder structure, putting flake.nix file in root server repo for better dev experience. (It would be bad exp if not, so important change pre-release) #shipnix
Light Nix flake exploration at home while having a common cold #shipnix
Work with nodejs template #shipnix
Travel back home #life
Inspect code from other Nix flakes for researching how to make good dev environments #shipnix #
Work on a node.js dev environment #shipnix
Explore the (too many) options of how to package nodejs in Nix #shipnix