Rich Taylor


Husband | Dad | Visual Developer | Pilot at Virgin Australia
  • 55
  • Adelaide, Australia ☀️
  • Joined April 2022

12 Startups

#12startups : Write copy for PH Ship
#12startups : Write press article / IH / Reddit etc (once landing pages are live)
#12startups : Organise 20 Groups and sub-groups
#12startups : Complete -1 month PH launch tasks
#12startups : Tell EVERYONE about the project - link back to Twitter for updates.
#12startups : Make Guest speaker bio's for landing page
#12startups : complete rebrand and redesign of landing page


#matchfit : Move “no matches” text to be left aligned
#matchfit : Fix empty message sending
#matchfit : Add app download button to and social pages prior to launch for sharing.
#matchfit V2: Setup photo picker
#matchfit V2: Set gallery to show profile image first
#matchfit V2: add photo sharing to messaging
#matchfit V2: customise all buttons with gradients
#matchfit V2: Setup login with apple
#matchfit V2: Setup google maps to show gym locations
#matchfit V2: Setup login with google
#matchfit V2: Check Zapier for automating user shared posts
#matchfit V2: Include the option to search for any gender
#matchfit V2: Style messaging with half the screen each and different colours.
#matchfit V2 : Setup notifications
#matchfit V2 : Add a 'report user' function
#matchfit : upload to app stores
#matchfit : do official product hunt launch

Without a product

Learn DAO’s
Learn NFT’s
Update all compromised passwords