Joined July 2022
buy again a @tdinh's product
try damus
listen The Prodigy to boost energy & productivity
give $20 to a friend every day I am not working on my side-projects
create social card and favicon for #ng
get 2nd client in 2 weeks for fundraising #ng
work on kick off deck #ng
choose logo for #ng
learn and improve B2B sales skill
losing time again on the gas factory Amazon SES to justify why I want it for a simple newsletter… #ng
configure Amazon SES and sync with Cloudflare #ng
accept invitations to attend blockchain conferences in Spain and UAE #ng
Recover my suspended account 15min after sending a request! thanks @marc
write to Twitter to recover my suspended account
create online form to pre-qualify prospects for video calls and collect emails #ng
go to the gym for the first time in 2023
answer emails #ng
ask to ChatGPT how to build simple robots
put domain names registered in 2006 for auction
play with ChatGPT